What are Circles?

Circles are groups of people that you can depend on in different circumstances. A circle consists of between 1 and 5 people.

Critical Circle

This is a circle of people to contact for critical happenings. This circle should have those who can physically reach you within an hour. Also add those who you would like to keep updated about yourself. These are people who will be automatically contacted if you do not reply to our check-in message and whom you can trust with the keys to your house.

Remember, for serious emergencies, always call 911 or your local emergency number.

Wellness Circle

This is a situation based Circle and should have those who can help you with things that promote your wellness. These are community members or friends that you invite into your home and can be entrusted with tasks to help you stay happy and healthy.

Standard Circle

The interactions with people in this circle are more casual. These are people you like to hang out with, and share time and experiences with.